Sh*t They Don't Teach You in Acting School

If you are a young actor (I'm primarily gearing this toward college and older, but please ask if you have a question!) there there are things that you won't necessarily be taught in your program. It is my desire to not only share advice from common mistakes I have made along the way and over the years. Likewise, I am now at a point in the industry where I know a lot of people: a lot of fancy (to me anyway) people. It's been of endless value for me to watch the slow development of my friends and peers' careers, and here is where you can find their advice and even ask for advice. 



 Photo Credit: Maura Ellen Photography (2014)

Photo Credit: Maura Ellen Photography (2014)

Another Mom With Thoughts & Feels

I know, I know, you're thinking: "WE GET IT! Parenting is hard! No one made you do it!!" - And you, my friend, are correct. I did this. I elected to have kids. 


But here we are, and I do have a few things that make my experience as a mom a little different than my Basic Bish appearance might have you believe. 

  • How to not be a Helicopter Parent 
  • How to Survive the NICU, or support someone close to you who is there...
  • It's okay to be real about and with your kids.
  • Having children with Special Needs

I Do What I Want

No, I don't. No one really does. I mean, not that I know. BUT, I do work pretty hard to consciously evolve: as a human/lady person/mom/wife/professor/actor/ally. I've been to lots of therapy, and I have read a great many self-help books. 

I'm still crazy, but I take my pills, and try to breathe, and have found that focusing on forgiving myself actually yields greater results than the "God I SUCK!" route. So I thought I'd share some stuff with you, whoever you are. Some of it's classic and common, some of it's weird, and some will be deeply personal.