Shakespeare Scene Study

Shakespeare Scene Study

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Learn how to LIVE in Shakespeare's words and world. I believe that anyone can understand Shakespeare, it just takes time and focus. This class will be a small scene-study. Over the course of three weeks, we will work on scenes from lesser-known plays and characters to hone your ability to research, rehearse, perform, and ENJOY auditioning for and performing Shakespeare. This is not a scansion class! (Scansion is the practice of scoring the text for rhythm and meter, focusing on stress and meter.) We will work on synthesis, incorporating your artistic impulse, research, character clues, given circumstances, vocal clarity, breath, and objectives. 

This class will be fun, funny, bawdy, and can serve you with all manner of material for the duration of your career. Join me! Give yourself the gift of confidence, and become a better actor while doing so. 

WHEN: May 9th & 11th, 16th & 18th, 23rd from 10:30AM to 12:30PM

and...   May 10th, 17th, 24th from 6:30Pm to 9:30PM



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